business development on demand

About Kaalium

Kaalium is the name of the Business Development On Demand service that I created, end 2016. My colleague Philippe asked me to imagine a new service I could create, and hoopla! I thought “Business Development On Demand” (thank you Philippe). I reflected on the “Who”, “What” and “How” that are at the core of any business model, and beginning December 2016, I had defined a service that addresses the need for business development, in Belgium, and internationally.

What I believe about business development is that it paves the way to general management. It is an exercise very similar to creating and growing a company, and Business Development requires all the attributes and skills of a Founder cum General Manager, pushing a new business out of the closet into the wide world. I strongly link it to steps 1 through 4 in Four Steps to the Epiphany.

What do I mean? Too often business development is confused with some clever art of exploratory sales. It deals with questions, challenges and problems whose answer is not “let’s add resources here!” An example of the confusion around business development is visible in this Wikipedia article.